# 1) “It happened in India” by Kishore Biyani (read in 2007)

Read it out of curiosity, to understand the story and man behind Future Group. Great read to understand how Future Group was built in under a decade. Reading it also accelerated my knowledge hunt about Design Thinking – came to know about Idiom (and its story), happenings around Design Thinking in India and also renewed my following of Ideo. ( Reading this book turned out to be a significant ‘dot’ that would connect to my future ‘dots’.)

#2) “The Opposable Mind” by Roger Martin (read in 2011)

A simple book, which not only explains (using various examples) the Integrative Thinking Process  but also tries to teach us how to become Integrative Thinkers. Worth the read, but more importantly it is a good reference book for future.

#3) “I Am the Central Park Jogger” by Trisha Meili (read in 2007)

Sometimes, life changes and becomes unrecognizable. Trisha’s story has the power to inspire one to fight back in life.

#4) “Design Visualisation” by Prof. M.P. Ranjan (read in 2011)

this article (published in 1997) by prof m.p.ranjan is sometimes referred to as one of the first documents on design thinking. this article explains design thinking in simple terms and is useful as a ready reference about this discipline.

design visualisation by prof mpranjan

design visualisation by prof mpranjan



#5) DesignWorks by Heather Fraser (read in 2013)

this is a must have book for every aspiring business designer! this book outlines the 3 gears of business design (1) empathy and deep human understanding (a deep dive with broad lens) (2) concept visualization (ideation, prototyping and user evaluation) (3) strategic business design (activity system design, business strategy and activation)!

Heather Fraser Autograph

Heather Fraser Autograph

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