every two to three years i have met someone who has changed the way i think, work or live my life…

on the occasion of teachers’ day being celebrated in india (on september 5th), i would like to thank a few people who have taught me important lessons in life.

i am not naming them here, but i am outlining the valuable lessons i learnt from them…

#1) life is about compromises. you can never get everything you desire. you have to make choices.

#2) build a core competency. then build a career around it.

#3) in life, there are happy days and there are sad days. if you are having more happy days than sad days, then you are doing just fine.

#4) take care of your team, beyond their professional wellbeing.

#5) you have only one life. chase your passion. make your dreams come true.

#6) treat people with respect. truly care for the people you work with or interact with.

#7) if you are a painter, you know when your painting is complete. have the fire in the belly to do great work.

#8) for you to achieve your goals, all it takes is only one person to believe in you.

thank you to all my teachers…

-ravi akula.


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