the game is over! india won the icc world cup final (after 28 years) and sachin finally got to lift the trophy against the backdrop of gateway of india at mumbai. (and yes, in the past mumbai and gateway of india have seen not so happy moments as well.)

india outperformed sri lanka in the high pressure match. but then, it was a fitting result for a team which consistently performed well under pressure through out the tournament.

murali is still respected and adored, but sachin is the champion. one more time!

congrats team india! for an amazing amazing performance !! the best part is that this team is made up of cricketers who have made us proud in the past (sachins, yuvrajs, sehwags) and will make us proud in future (kohlis, rainas). all under the captaincy of dhoni. the man who demonstrated leadership which is understood and appreciated by the common man and corporates alike. (more about dhoni and leadership later on this blog…)

(amma speak #2 about the game!)


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